Mafia Wars API

The Mafia Wars API has been created to allow developers to easily retrieve a list of playable game cards. This API provides methods for paging, sorting, and additional card options such as category, type, family, and more. All data is returned in the JSON format.


Endpoint Description
/api/cards Returns an array of game cards

Paging & Sorting

Parameter Type Description
page Integer Page number of results to show
Page 1 Page 2
limit Integer Number of results to get per request (max 100)
Limit 10 Limit 20
sortby String Sort cards based on this criteria.
newest attack defense heat income upkeep


Parameter Type Description
category String Card category name
Mafia Wars Rare Pepe Bitcorns Spells of Genesis
type String Type of card
Property Staff Business Other
family String Family Name
bonanno colombo gambino genovese lucchese
player String The Bitcoin address of a player in the game

Example Response

    "data": [
            "asset": "BLOODINOUT",
            "attack": 7,
            "created": 1532965449,
            "defense": 3,
            "description": "in honor of the film blood in blood out bound by honor\r\n\"life is a risk carnal\"",
            "heat": 5,
            "image": "",
            "income": "5025.00",
            "name": "BLOOD IN BLOOD OUT",
            "upkeep": "502.50",
            "url": ""
            "asset": "DONNIESNITCH",
            "attack": 0,
            "created": 1528290036,
            "defense": 10,
            "description": "A rat in another Family will help your organization to both prevent attacks and stay ahead of the competition in business",
            "heat": -100,
            "image": "",
            "income": "0.00",
            "name": "DonnieSnitch",
            "upkeep": "15000.00",
            "url": ""
    "total": 110

API Support

If you have any questions about the API, please contact us at and we will respond to your request shortly.